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Silkstem Skin Care has added an educational component to its brand with a series of blogs, videos, and webinars focusing on topics related to companion pet skin health concerns and strategies. The video series is called “In-depth Insights into Pet Skin Care” and features discussions from Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Jean Gauvin DVM and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Gordon Guay Ph.D., from parent company Kane Biotech. Both Dr. Gauvin and Dr. Guay bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in antimicrobial stewardship to pet health and product development.

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Pet Skin Care Q&A

Dr. Jean Gauvin and Dr. Gordy Guay are here to answer a number of questions you may have about your pet’s skin care. This video series will help you understand a bit more about why skin care is important to your pet’s overall health. Have a question about your pet’s skin care that isn’t answered here? Send it to us on our Facebook page @silkstempets, and we’ll do our best to answer it for you.

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The core strength of our Stemcare Animal Health division comes from the combined knowledge, experience and dedication of our key management team members Dr. Gordon Guay PhD, our Chief Scientific Officer and Dr. Jean Gauvin M.V., our Chief Veterinary Officer. Both Gordy and Jean are working together on an educational video series to help pet parents understand a bit more about their pet’s health when it comes to oral care and skin care.

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